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EXCO NUSANTARA INDONESIA was established on November 21, 1991 under the name of PT AP Nusantara Indonesia by the virtue of notarial deed Number 115 issued by Moendjiati Soegito, SH, Public Notary in jakarta. The approval from Minister of Justice was received on June 29th, 1992 under the letter of approval No. C2-52277 HT.01.01 Th92. The license to operate as a money broking service firm was granted by the Bank Indonesia on July 8th of July 1992 under the decree of the Bank Indonesia’s Board of Director No. 25/39/KEP/DIR. The company commenced operating on the very same day, the 8th of July 1992.

In 1996, the company had its name changed from PT AP Nusantara Indonesia to PT Exco Nusantara Indonesia. The new legal name was approved by Minister of Justice through the letter of approval number C2-8429.HT.01.04. The change was done to keep in line with the global network of the group since EXCO London was aquired by Nihon Tanshi Japan.

Since inception, EXCO has been a leader in the market and offers a full range of broking services. Currently, PT Exco Nusantara Indonesia has a very strong teams of brokers handling different client needs our broker teams by acombination between a number of senior, experiencedbrokers and a number of young dynamic promising brokers. We also dedicate a number of senior well proven qualified brokers to be part of our spot team. In addition, to fulfillthe market needs, we also provide the swap desk which is very rich in experiences as well as having an up to date product knowledges in most of derivative transactions. They are also warm individuals who highly value the quality of services through strong relationship.

Apart from those three groups, to provide a full range of broking services, we have also built a separate very strong fixed income group. The group has been recognized as avery friendly and professional in servicing fixed income client from both banking andnon banking industries. Finally to keep all transactions in order, our settlement team has maintained a reputation for timely and accurate dealing confirmation procedures.

With all mentioned teams in place and supported by solid technician and administration staffs, we believe EXCO will be able to deliver outstanding broking services and to contribute positively toward the development of financial market in Indonesia.

Management Team

EXCO NUSANTARA INDONESIA is managed by a full-time management team. The Board of Directors is responsible for day today operations of the company and directly report to the shareholders. The Board of Commissioners has actively performed its controlling role through a regularly scheduled meeting to make sure that the company is managed by the best market practices and good governance. The combination of the background experience of the management team which mostly comes from the banking industry has made it possible for EXCO to understand better client’s needs and demands, as well as deliver high-quality service to the clients.

Board of Commissioners

Chairman : Ramli Darmawan

Commissioner : Tony Stradmoor

Wirawan Primuharko

Itang Rusdinar

Board of Directors

President Director : Ronggo Asmoro

General Administration Director : Angela K Ongko

Business Director : Danu Firdiansyah

Exco Nusantara

Vision, Mission and Values

EXCO has adopted the following as its corporate vision, mission and values :


To be a leading money broking firm in Indonesia.


1. To contribute positively towards the development of Jakarta as a major financial center and to play an active part to foster economic growth in Indonesia. 
2. To provide professional money broking service as part of a major international money broking group, in awide range of financial products and services to meet the needs and demands of banks and other financial institutions in Indonesia and other countries.




EXCO NUSANTARA INDONESIA (EXNI) is ajoint venture company with PT Asia Inti Utama and Nittan Capital Holdings Hongkong of the Central Tanshi Group as major shareholders. Detailed shareholding composition is as follows :

• Nittan Capital Holding Co Ltd Hongkong 
• PT Kaliraya Sari 
• Dana Pensiun BRI 
• YPK Bapindo 
• Private Share Holders