Exco Nusantara

Dealing Facility and Telecommunication

Exco NusantaraEXCO NUSANTARA INDONESIA has invested in one of the latest dealing system in the market. This is to ensure that quality of service to banks and other financial institutions will be enhanced as much as possible. With an in-house-technician, the company minimize response time to minor equipment failure at the company’s as well as client’s premises. Telephone lines as well as leased channels are the main mode of communication with clients. The Reuter Dealing System and Bloomberg have also been incorporated into the company’s communication network.


Human Resources Capital

Exco NusantaraAt EXCO, we believe that human resources are the most valuable asset. This spirit has been translated into the strategy to build EXCO as a group of professionals who are very good in their field of broking. Currently, we are supported by staffs who serve many different activities. Training always plays an important role in human capital development. Being one of the biggest moneybroking companies in Jakarta, our people are well trained, have the dedication to their professions, and are open to changes. Management firmly believes that providing opportunities for its staff to upgrade their skills and build a career in EXCO will strongly motivate them to serve our clients better.


International Partners

Exco NusantaraPT EXCO NUSANTARA INDONESIA previously had a partnership with AP Singapore Pte Ltd, which is now a part of Nittan Holding Group as the largest shareholder, this is a part of our global network to parties where we have the technical agreement. We are also dealing with a broker and international financial institutions, and the domestic market. We have extensive relationships with almost all banks and non-bank financial institutions.